Encryptopad is a simple text viewer and editor, which saves encrypted files. The idea is to save passwords and other secret information in simple text format easily and without the need of a system service. The program is open source, so the industry standard encryption used by this program can be controlled. The file format is compatible with the format of Encrypted Notepad, a Sourceforge project by Ivan Voras. In fact, the encryption code is completely taken from his version. It can be downloaded from the Sourceforge page.

The program comes with a simple file browser, but it does also register for its file type (*.etxt) and can be started from any file manager. E.g., files can be kept in the cloud with Dropbox, and edited on any Android device or desktop computer. Just start Dropbox on the Android and click on the encrypted file.

The program is free in the Android market.

You will probably want to use the same program on your desktop computer. Using the sources at Sourceforge, I made an executable jar-file for Java systems (which also contains the sources), and an installer for Windows. The latter associates *.etxt-files with the program. Simply install, and click on any *.etxt file to open it.